Ugly cute or just ugly? (via FemThreads)

At least they’re real leather.
The clothes are indeed not very pretty imo, but hard to avoid in the stores… especially the half length shirts. @D

Ugly cute or just ugly? Oh, fuck it. The 90s are back. I live in a college town; all the little co-op residents are walking around in crop tops and high tops. Just in the past week I’ve seen more braids and scrunchies than in my first grade class picture. So now, because the stores are full of ugly things, I’ve had to ask myself: Is it ugly cute, or just ugly? Help me decide. English nanny booties? Lenses: bigger and geekier and not chic-ier. [p … Read More

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Amy Winehouse and rehabbing the stigma of substance abuse (via FemThreads)

I agree with your last sentence, yet I hope we will remember her music & voice above all. @D

Amy Winehouse and rehabbing the stigma of substance abuse I’d wager that Amy Winehouse fans – casual or otherwise – had a similar reaction to the 27-year-old singer and fashion muse’s death: tragic but not entirely unexpected. You’d only need to listen to a few tracks off her brilliant 2006 album Back to Black to know that Winehouse’s demons were the crux of her too-short existence. Winehouse’s struggles with drugs, alcohol a … Read More

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The 40 Worst Dressed Cities In America? (via EduClaytion)

Worst dressed city dwellers would be more accurate…

The 40 Worst Dressed Cities In America? My hometown of Pittsburgh is the third worst dressed city in America according to the new write up from GQ about the 40 Worst Dressed Cities In America. According to the short article: “The citizens of Pittsburgh…indulge a style that could be referred to as “Game Day Casual” (or “Meth Lab Formal,” depending on your preference.) It stems from their love of a c … Read More

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Snapshots from R&R: A tender moment in nature….turtle hatchlings on Amelia Island, Florida (via )

Vulnerable moments in nature

Snapshots from R&R: A tender moment in nature....turtle hatchlings on Amelia Island, Florida We had an extraordinary experience on the beach in Amelia Island, Florida. Through the work of the Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch group, we were on site during an excavation of  a turtle nest whose hatchlings had already gone to sea… see if there were any little turtles left behind. It was a truly tender moment….turtles discovered both alive and those that didn’t make it. Then, an emotional (for me) release to the sea. [caption id=”attach … Read More



Life is easier when there’s a passion
It’s nicer, above all
Just break that wall
Of living in obligation




Home is…where? (via I Heart Mondegreens)

An Egyptian husband and his country & family changed my look on life thoroughly, though I never fully left my previous identity. Thanks for sharing.

Home is...where? This year marks the longest I’ve been away from home. More so, this Spanish summer has been a time chock-full of changes – after D-Man finished his osteopathy studies and I began working on my thesis, we had a wonderful stroke of luck and got new jobs in the city, moved into a cozy apartment by the mountains, and sneaked a trip in to Portugal for our one-year anniversary – all within the span of a month. And though I’m relieved and ecstatic that … Read More

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Senegal – saying goodbye (via Wanderlust)

A happy view on a different culture, country

Senegal - saying goodbye After the two weeks in Ziguinchor we headed back to Dakar to finish off our final week before returning to Toronto.  We had our last sight seeing trip planned and that was to see Lac Rose – Pink Lake.   A unique bacteria in the water gives it this pink colour.  It also has a very high salt content.  Harvesting the salt is a reliable source of income for many.  When you swim in the lake you float as if you had one of those water noodles.  It' … Read More

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Upplev Mer – Stockholm Rooftop Walk (via JAMESOBRIEN.ID.AU)

A guided rooftop tour!? Good suggestion…!

Upplev Mer - Stockholm Rooftop Walk In most modern towns and cities, the higher you go, the more interesting the view. That’s not the case with Stockholm. Stockholm is a low-rise city, and the best views, in my opinion, can be experienced just above the roof-line. The view from Katarinahissen near Slussen, for example, is terrific. In contrast, the view from Globen … Read More


The Giant’s Causeway: Part Geology – Part Mythology (via The Unwitting Traveller)

Great pics! Thanks for sharing, @D

The Giant’s Causeway: Part Geology – Part Mythology One of the most amazing Natural Wonders of the United Kingdom, the Giant’s Causeway was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. Located on the northern coast of County Antrim, near Bushmills (yes, whiskey Bushmills!) Giant’s Causeway is a must see for anyone. Being a geologist, it was only a matter of time before I would marvel at this natural volcanic landscape for myself.  It’s a bit of a “Busman’s Holiday”, but it is stuff like this tha … Read More

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No people, race is above terrorism
Self criticism decides what is terrorism
Difference gives some hearts terror
Makes them spread terror


Is Cursive Obsolete? (via Seconds)

Even handwriting is done in printed letter-style. I find it a pity: the disappearance of cursive, even vertical penmanship. It’s even more individual on left handed writers. @D

Is Cursive Obsolete? In the news this week, Indiana’s Department of Education announced that schools would no longer need to teach cursive penmanship in schools. They would, however, let schools decide for themselves. It’s part of the common-core curriculum to phase out cursive in favor of digital skills. I disagree. According to the WSJ, which has a good piece on writing in cursive, it’s still an important and relevant skill. It’s even good for aging adults and help … Read More

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A lone crusader is deadly
A crusading nation a million times more
Christianity, democracy through guns’ barrels
As empty as existentialist quarrels