Some Friendships

Truly they’re love
This one is
It’s been ours, mine, his
The heart may rejoice, laugh

A visit to the largest Miao village in China : Xijiang Guizhou (via John Fanai Photography)

Great pics of what seems to me a proud community

A visit to the largest Miao village in China : Xijiang Guizhou Xijiang is a Miao village in Qiandong nan Miao and Dong prefecture, in Guizhou province. Its only 45 minutes bus ride from Kaili the Qian Dong Nan capital city. There is around over a thousand households, which amounts to a populations of 5500- 6000. But, in recent years many young people have left for higher study or to work in other provinces and cities. Most of the houses are traditional Miao-wooden houses. The village is near Leigong Shan nat … Read More

via John Fanai Photography

Two Horses

The horse named sex
Always runs with the horse expectation
At times their friendship lacks
Then you must duck from frustration


a garden update! (via meandering minds…)

I had no idea they’re so huge: banana flowers.

a garden update! I’d promised an update on how the garden has been growing. Because it most certainly has been growing!! Even without rain for four months. The passionfruit that we planted last year that was maybe 2′ tall – Is now so lush that it provides wonderful shade and protection on our upper road front porch. And we have the added benefit of fruit! And the juice from the fruit, from which we make a syrup to use with club soda. See the blog post about that … Read More

via meandering minds…