Young rabbits everywhere
Linden blossom scent on the air
Grass is high, duck weed thickly afloat 
On the water many a boat


The Myth Of Tomorrow – Taro Okamoto (via Tokyobling’s Blog)

Art uplifts gloomy public places

The Myth Of Tomorrow - Taro Okamoto Sometimes the thing about art in public places is that you just don’t think about it. Even though art has long since been stripped of it’s moral-building and society-building status (Duchamp and his art-antics took care of that back in 1917) public officials still feel it necessary to enrichen our public spaces with what they consider to be worthwhile art. Here’s one I have managed to miss for a very long time indeed: Taro Okamoto’s “The Myth of … Read More

via Tokyobling’s Blog