It may fool us
It may be charming, alarming
Most hearts are unharming
Of good intention are largely most of us



Humanity is like an orchard
Outspokenness lies in the ripest fruits
Different crops make work hard
We need tuning, blowing our flutes


London’s Walls (via disphotic)

One of my favorite cities on earth

London's Walls I’ve been a bit busy lately, so here’s a little something to keep this blog ticking over. As I mentioned in a previous post I’m working on documenting various aspects of London, covering about fifteen categories, each intended to work as individual sets of photographs or as part of one massive series. It’s not really a serious documentary project, even the idea of doing justice to a city like this laughable. It’s more a use for some of the photog … Read More

via disphotic


When the home is restless
Like during renovation
Sleep gives no relaxation
For work stress should be less



I want to trust official judgement
When they say it’s safe
It should be a real statement
It may clash with how people truly behave



Lying about asbestos is no problem to me
When I get ill I’ll be old
Towards my sons I see
A deliberate crime unfold


Short Life

Not all of us are given long life
It’s not divided fairly
Or so it seems, sqearely
Make every day count in your life



Weekend of family meetings & culture
Enjoyable times with others
Nieces & nephews enter the world of the mature
Son’s 50th birthday celebrated by others



When I had to choose between
Family or a good land to live
The first it has been
No matter what the land could give



‘As soon as I contribute 
To household finance
I will lead the dance’
In your house you may blow this flute


Santa Fe Art Walk (via jeanofalltrades)

Thanks for showing it; I love the sheep.

Santa Fe Art Walk Canyon Road is Santa Fe’s premier art district. It’s an old part of town and boasts over 100 galleries (and a smattering of shops and restaurants). It’s an incredible place. The rows of adobe houses-turned-galleries offer art to view and purchase. Of course there is classic Southwest art, but there are a lot of other styles too: abstract, photorealistic, sculpture, glass work, jewelry, pottery and more. Truly something for everybody. To me, even … Read More

via jeanofalltrades