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they are nice

G is for Giraffe G is for Giraffe. Photos from tdub303, qwj, yushimoto_02 [christian], ssilberman, T Dornbusch, istilldream and AmandaLynnPhotography. More Giraffe photos can be found in our tag search. … Read More

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It chooses who & what it wants to
Regardless of other interest
Discipline gives space & rest
Make it fly elsewhere we want to


starry night (via )


starry night Picture was taken at night on the Klaipėda city pier. Exposure was only 30 s so the stars were still round shape. In composition there are more than 2/3 of the night sky, because it was amazingly starry. … Read More



The one thing unchanging
People & situations come & go
Change is unchanging
It’s not a situation, it’s the one truth we know



I see you left the place
If there’s anybody I’ll miss it’s you
Will I ever see new writings’ face?
I hope to keep some line with you


Celebrate Earth Day (via Living on Paint Creek)

Lijkt wel een knikker, een bonk ofzo

This year Earth Day comes with Easter. Happy Easter @ll.

Celebrate Earth Day Today is April 22.  A day chosen to celebrate the earth worldwide – Earth Day.  Earth Day was founded in 1970, as a way to promote love and respect for the planet and help to bring awareness to environmental issues that we humans are creating.  Wow, I didn’t realize that Earth Day was founded in 1970, until I did some research recently.  I think today is a good day to reflect on our environmental progress as a nation and as in … Read More

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My son left for Rome today
A week with the class
I hope they’ll find their way
In this city of world class



Tomorrow a year ago I had to leave 
Do I want to return?
Or this thought I should leave?
Sad & lonely place now, I see nothing burn


How To Spray Paint Wooden Furniture (via Finding Silver Linings)

The result is amazing

How To Spray Paint Wooden Furniture Its truly amazing what a little paint can do.  It can completely transform something from old and ratty to updated and fresh. This tutorial is not the end all be all in furniture painting, its just how I did it. I started with this desk.  The desk was stained, a little burned, and scratched. I drove to Lowes and picked up primer, spray paint, clear sealant, fine grit sand paper, and tack cloth. I also bought satin nickel paint for the hardware … Read More

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Social Media and the Art of Storytelling (via MaggieCakes)

Nice to know

Social Media and the Art of Storytelling A few days ago, Chris Sullivan of MyNorthwest.com wrote an article called “The art of storytelling in a world of technology”.  He asked if you can tell a story over Twitter and wondered if the limitations of the medium limited the message.  He quoted professional storyteller Anne Rutherford as saying “Whatever their age, whatever their circumstance, if its a good story and its well told we completely have the ability to respond to that. However … Read More

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