‘Mijn moeder zei altijd dat je mannen kunt vergelijken met linoleumvloeren. Als je ze goed legt kun je er 30 jaar over lopen.’ #gelachen


Maybe Islam doesn’t favor women leaders
It DOESN’T forbid them
Quran mentions humanity’s great leaders
Women are explicitly among them


The Natural Mystic, Revised and Extended (via Southern Perlo)

The USA is still a rather free flexible society, unlike Europe… so change can be realised easier than in Europe.

The Natural Mystic, Revised and Extended Click to hear Bob Marley sing about the mystery of the natural mystic. Aunt Liza; Pueblo, CO, 1893. Former slave of the Hamilton family; cook at Ft. Francisco.  Ahh, data, statistical measures, and country names are the means of comparison when it comes to change, but there are also intangibles. One very important mystic is that those who seek change do so in common and tap something unspoken and hidden in plain sight. Change doesn’t come from po … Read More

via Southern Perlo