It’s easy to be mainstream
Unless you’re the only one who’s right
And want to convince you’re (b)right
There’s a lot I dream(?)


Energy leak

Always something to be afraid of
Scream before being rejected or hit
Or too tired&ill for take off
Some loneliness must be to reach ‘it’



Why fear other people’s ideas
Ours is NOT the only place of freedom
Fear makes people lie about others’ wisdom
Why run from those with other ideas



Also between friends opinions may clash
Feelings do but minds don’t mash
As friends, agree to disagree
Celebrating difference makes free


Both sides

There’s shadow, there’s light
In us it roams with might
Love comes from acceptance, attraction
Hatred from fear & frustration of rejection



Criticism isn’t always hatred
Hatred isn’t always rejection
Like love, it’s a passion
Too easy to name the negativ hatred



Comes sadness
When we loose someone, something precious
Feared is loneliness
Anger makes interfere in what provokes us



Other people’s views are refreshing
Yet they can’t solve your problem
When interests are clashing
It takes strenghth to leave a mayhem



Easy to judge other people’s love
Stronger than what you want can be to love or hate
A force finds us a mate
An emotion not open to bluff



Life between cultures
A struggle it may be
Enrichment it is which my countrymen mostly don’t see
Though a steady homebase nurtures



A gift or challenge from above

Sometimes it remains a secret

Between hearts it may have met

It’s mate on wings of a dove

I just ask my Lord why

It’s challenge hit me

Why did it fly

A complicated route and not roam more freely

My Lord do You want me happy?

Or do You want to test me?

What is the lesson for me

He is distant the things he says can be snappy